Spending time with the exotic animals in the lap of nature can really be a recreational activity. If you are a nature lover and looking for a place where you can  cuddle and pet animals, then Zoological Wildlife foundation is the only answer to your search. ZWF Miami is a private zoo founded by Maria and Mario Tabraue.  This zoo lies in the foothills of Florida in Miami, considered as the most beautiful place in United States. Both the people are really passionate about taking care and conserving endangered species and spreading knowledge about their importance on earth.  ZWF Miami helps save species by breeding animals, rescuing others from being terminated and extinct and by raising public awareness.

The zoo is known for having some of the rarest species which is why it is considered as the most popular for wildlife and environment.  Alongside the team at ZWF Miami has focused on making the foundation educational, interactive and fun loving for the families. The zoo stretches over an area of 5 acres where the animals breed in the natural environment.  The prime objective of the foundation is to conserve animals, create awareness among the people and take the measures that are vital for their conservation. They are dedicated to provide their visitors with a lifetime experience after they visit the zoo. The zoo is regarded as an ideal place for a family tour because of their exclusive family packages. The packages are made in such a way that they suit every type of wildlife lover.

They are regarded as the best private zoo in South Florida and offer a chance to play, feed and cuddle with their animals. They offer several programs to educate people about conservation of animals. They offer special services as only as only take reservations on phone calls and E-mails. Since we are in a habit of harming the wildlife knowingly or unknowingly, wildlife is very important. This is the main agenda of the team of the Zoological Wildlife Foundation.  They even conduct wildlife tours but only when full reservations are done. Anyone cannot be the member of their team. They conduct special tests for the selections of the members who really deserve to be with them.  You can pet and cuddle and animals like lion, tufted capuchin, snow leopard, Bengal tiger and many more.

Zoological Wildlife Foundation has also been acknowledges as the winner of the top 25 zoos category of the 2016 trip advisor travelers choice. It has been ranked as the 4th best zoo in the United States and the 9th best zoo in the world. The foundation is very proud to be the best attraction in Miami. They conduct tiger safari parties which are both entertainment and learning lessons for the wildlife lovers. This is another method adopted by them to educate people about wildlife conservation. As they heritage of any country does not only resides in its historical buildings and monuments but also its flora and fauna. So it is very important to conserve wildlife.


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