Zoological wildlife foundation, based in Miami is a dedicated organization which works for spreading knowledge and awareness among the masses. Considering the growing rate of wildlife extinction, such professional and dedicated teams are the need of hour. Zoological wildlife foundation believes that raising the public awareness and creating sensitivity among them are only ways we can save our precious wildlife. Not only this, ZWF Miami also constantly support other such initiatives such as international rhino foundation for the protection and conservation of rhinos, cheetah conservation Botswana for improving the community perceptions about cheetahs, Zambian carnivore programme for conservation of large carnivore species such as African wild dog, cheetah, lion, leopard, hyena etc, Niassa carnivore project for the conservation of lions, African wild dogs, and other carnivores, Zoological association of America to provide zoological accreditations. They have also won the 2016 travelers choice award, were counted among the 4 best zoos in USA and among the 9 best zoos around the world.

In ZWF Miami, the professionals have a knowledgeable team of professionals who focus on promoting education and awareness about endangered wildlife species, preserving them, breeding them, and rescuing the others from being extinct or being raised to hunt. They have a very interactive and up-close- and personal approach with wildlife. They are all very passionate about their work. They also conduct special events and workshops at schools to aware the youngsters’ about the dire need to preserve the wildlife. They have a very warm and welcoming hospitality along with a number of enthusiastic, entertaining and knowledgeable tour guides. They have number of domain curators who are in charge of daily activities of the animals. They regularly monitor their health and are in charge of their grooming. They curators and assistant curators who make sure that all the big cats are being managed and trained properly. They also take care of the breeding of the exotic animals. The safety of those in the zoo is also the responsibility of these curators.

Zoological Wildlife Foundation has a wide range of precious exotic wildlife species which makes it one of the attractions in south Florida. Some of them are American alligator, Amur leopard, Asian small clawed otter, binturong, black and white ruffed lemur, Brazilian three-banded armadillo, brown pelican, Burmese python, camels, caracal lynx, Celebes macaque, cinnamon capuchin, citron crested cockatoo, clouded leopard, colobus monkey, cougar, farm animals, fennec fox, giant anteater, golden tabby Bengal tiger, jaguar (black and spotted), king vulture, lar gibbon, lesser anteater, lion, macaw, mandrill, monkey tailed skink, red lemur, royal white Bengal, screech owl, serval, snow leopard, snow white Bengal tiger, southern cassowary, spectacled owl, squirrel monkey, standard Bengal tiger, toco toucan, tufted capuchin, two toed sloth, white African lion, white faced capuchin etc.

ZWF Miami has a number of appreciation and recognition from national and international associations. Their interactive approach where they allow playing with the animals, feed them and clicking their pictures enhances the general sensitivity as well awareness among the visitors.


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