Zoological Wildlife Foundation – Nurturing Animals and Enhancing Conservation

Famous for its colorful lifestyle, the city of Miami is also a home to the Zoological Wildlife Foundation. Ranked as the 4th best zoo of the country, ZWF is a comfortable shelter for many endangered and rare species. ZWF Miami offers conservation and is known to have rescued several animals from the cruel hands of poachers and dealers. Internationally ranked 21st among the best zoos of the world, the animal lovers simply cannot ignore the presence of such a gem in Miami, Florida. Come to ZWF Miami and take the delightful experience of the animal kingdom. Meet the animals, get playful with them and take the incredible opportunity to get clicked with your favorite animal.

ZWF Miami has been in news recently for its rescue operation of a pair of white lion cubs. To make a natural habitat for several endangered animals, this zoo has transformed a five-acre land into a joyful animal kingdom. Protection and conservation of wildlife comes with a huge responsibility and many related risk. But in Maria Tubraue’s words, they have chosen this kind of life with their own pleasure and passion for animals. To expand the zoo and make shelter for more animals, the owners Maria Tubraue and Mario Tubraue does an incredible job and stay within the zoo. They have also planned to include a safari like experience in the public and private tours for the tourists in near future.
The best part of Zoological Wildlife Foundation is that the visitors are allowed to have friendly interaction with the wildlife animals. The various tour packages offered by the zoo are designed as per the demand and convenience of the tourists. You can take the opportunity to pet, cuddle or have enjoyable photo sessions with the animals of your choice. Within this nearly natural abode, you can have the luxury to build personal connection with these wonderful animals here.

ZWF Miami is home to several rare animals like African Lions, Bengal Tigers, Amur Servals, Leopards, Brown Lemur and Prairie Dogs. Along with the major task of conservation, proper health and supervision of animals is also carried out within the zoo. The zoo also carries out several educational programs and serves as an information channel for students with an effort to make the students aware of nature and the importance of conservation. Therefore many organizations and schools can book special tour packages to reward wonderful experience to their students.
Zoological Wildlife Foundation is open to the tourists 7 days a week. However, visitors need to prior booking for private tours. There are many flexible packages to meet your budget and time. Expect fun and delight every time you visit as the zoo offers several programs which are being carried out every day. To know about the various tour packages and availability, you can contact the zoo. Pre-booking is encouraged to avoid extra rush at the venue and serve you in the best possible way to gift you a wonderful experience.


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