Miami is considered as one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is a place suitable for everyone. Even for the wildlife lovers. Zoological Wildlife Foundation is a private zoo in Miami which is basically found by Maria and Mario Trabraue. It is the number one attraction in Miami. The main agenda of the zoo and its founders is to create awareness among people for wildlife conservation. They want to make people know about how an imbalance in the wildlife population can create an imbalance in the whole ecosystem. They run many wildlife conservation programs to make their goal clear to people. The one who visits it wants to visit it again. The experience with the animals is a lifetime memory which remains with the tourists. You can even pet, play and curdle with the animals. The zoo is featured with exotic species of animals. They even offer visitors a chance to get their pictures clicked with the animals without getting charged for it.

ZWF Miami have a team of friendly guides who try to tell about all the interesting facts about the animals. They offer the endangered pet animals with natural environments like ponds, greenery etc so that they feel safe there. This zoo is acknowledged as one of the top zoos in Miami for taking extra care of the animals and practicing animal husbandry. Zoological Wildlife Foundation has bagged the 21st position in the world and has also been accredited by ZAA. Recently they were name as the winner of Certificate of Excellence by the Trip Advisor. Spending some of your time with the nature and the wildlife can be a recreational activity. Zoological Wildlife Foundation is spread over a large area of 5 acres where animals breed in the free environment.

ZWF Miami is known for featuring many endangered animals which is why it has become so popular. This zoo is even regarded as an ideal family and a tourist attraction due to their tour packages. They are dedicated towards providing you with all the comfort by their tour packages which suits all the types of nature and animal lovers. The Zoological wildlife Foundation provides their visitors with a plethora of opportunities to take a closer look at the animals such as kunekune pigs, colobus monkey, cinnamon capuchin, caracal lynx, camel, farm animals and many more kune  pigs, colobus monkey, cinnamon capuchin, caracal lynx, camel, farm animals and many more. They want to provide their customer with friendly and comfortable environment as they take only appointment basis visits. Their visiting charges are dependent on the type of package which the customer chooses. The price of their tour package is from $80 for adults and $40 for the children. Those who want to be voluntarily be a part of their team has to go through their selection process. They even provide the chance to the visitors to pet and wolf and tiger cubs. ZWF Miami is a perfect place to spend time with family, while spending some time with the nature.


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