Zoological Wildlife Foundation (ZWF Miami) is a Popular Tourist Attraction in South Florida

ZWF Miami is an organization that aims at creating awareness about preserving and conserving of endangered animals. Zoological Wildlife Foundation is an outcome of two passionate wildlife lovers, named as  Mario Trabraues and Maria Trabraues. They lay emphasis on improving the present condition of animals by drawing attention of the society towards the issues related to endangered animals, and also suggest measures that can improve it.

They believe in a simple philosophy that states education is the ideal medium to preserve wildlife. So, they take efforts to educate people regarding the preservation of wildlife through their various programs which covers essential information regarding the native habitat, diet, etc. They have all together created a different place for nature and wildlife lovers because they have preserved more than a dozen of animals. They offer visitors a chance to interact with domestic animals, mammals, and birds at zoo.

The visitors are provided with an opportunity to interact, pet, and cuddle with animals that include giant ant eater lions, white lion, sloth, white Bengal tiger, Bengal tigers, eagle, etc. If you are seeking for a private zoo to have a close look at a number of animals in their natural habitat, then ZWF Miami can be a perfect place for your to visit. This conserving organization is spread over an area of 5 acres, where they breed animals that are at the edge of extinction. The visitors can pet animals that were previously kept in captive or abused. Zoological Wildlife Foundation has established a partnership with the global network of conservationists and general public to promote the idea of protecting and conserving animals.

Zoological Wildlife Foundation is counted amongst the top private zoos in South Florida, and it is their continuous efforts to improve the condition of animals that made them a popular choice. The most thrilling part of visiting this zoo is to get close and personal with some of the most exotic animals. ZWF Miami are considered as an ideal place for both adults and children because they offer an array of private tour packages that are designed to suit the requirements of all. They make reservation on calls and emails to render tailored services to their visitors, and remain open for the entire week. Their experienced team of professionals strives to provide a lifetime experience to their visitors through outstanding services.

The visitors can interact, feed, and click pictures of the endangered animals under guidance of their experts. They have clearly stated information about their packages, terms and conditions, and other essential details on their website. Zoological Wildlife Foundation provides financial support for the initiatives taken for rescuing animals with the help of donations that are offered by several wildlife and nature enthusiasts. The visitors can have a close look at an assortment of animals that include cinnamon capuchin, binturong, colobus, American alligator, Brazilian three-banded armadillo, burmese python, golden tabby Bengal tiger, jaguar- black spotted, etc. They have been recognized by TripAdvisor as 2016 Travelers’ choice destination on the rise and won a Certificated of Excellence.


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