Zoological Wildlife Foundation Works Towards The Conservation and Preservation Of Wildlife

One of the easiest ways to rejuvenate ones mind and soul is being in a close contact with nature,  while admiring the wildlife in natural habitat. If you are seeking for a private zoo, where you can interact, pet, and cuddle with exotic animals, then ZWF Miami is an ideal place to visit. It is a private zoo stretched in an area of 5 acres, where visitors can see animals, who were previously kept in captivity or abused.

Zoological Wildlife Foundation is the end result of two passionate wildlife lovers, named as Maria and Mario Trabraues. They have developed a team of dedicated members who have created a habitat suited to the such animals and birds. Their main objective is to create awareness regarding preservation and conservation of animals that are on the edge of extinction. They aim at promoting the idea of raising awareness about the importance of animals on earth. The organization takes valuable efforts to educate people regarding the preservation of wildlife. They conduct a number of programs to draw attention of the society towards the present condition of these animals and also suggest necessary measures to enhance their condition. They have preserved more than a dozen of animals in comparison to any other private zoo in South Florida.

They render a chance to visitors to be with domestic animals, predatory birds, and mammals at the zoo. ZWF Miami are considered as one of the most popular zoos, as they feature an assortment of  endangered animal species. The visitors are offered an opportunity to interact, pet, and cuddle with animals, including Bengal tiger, white Bengal tiger, sloth, giant ant eater, eagle owl, etc. They organize on-site and captive breeding programs that aim at securing the future of these animals. This organization has earned a distinct place amongst the nature lovers, due to the remarkable efforts taken by them towards improving the condition of the animals. Zoological Wildlife Foundation has established a partnership with the global network of conservationists and general public to promote the idea of conserving and protecting animals. They offer lifetime experience to their visitors which is why, they are counted amongst the top tourist destinations in Miami.

The nature and wildlife admires can pet, interact, and click pictures with the animals under the guidance of experts without paying additional charges at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation. The admires can have a closer look on a plethora of animals that include Asian small clawed otter, binturong, citron crested cockatoo, colobus, monkey, macaw, white faced capuchin, etc. They provide special services as they only take reservations through call and emails. ZWF Miami focuses on spreading the message of taking care of the animals with the help of the ambassadors at various schools and special events. They have clearly stated their terms and conditions on their website, so that interested visitors can book their tour packages without any hustle and bustle. They have been rated as the 9th best zoo in the world and 4th best zoo in U.S.


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