Zoological Wildlife Foundation (ZWF Miami) Attracts a Number of Wildlife and Nature Lovers Through its Special Facilities

Zoological Wildlife Foundation is a private zoo that aims at promoting the idea of preserving and conserving endangered animals. They strive to encourage people to protect those animal species that are on an edge of extinction. The prime objective of this organization is to improve the present condition of the animals by drawing attention of the people towards the issues related to the endangered animals, and also suggest measures to improve it. ZWF Miami is founded and managed by two passionate wildlife lovers, named as Mario Trabraues and Maria Trabraues. This organization believes that one of the simplest ways to preserve endangered animals is to educate people about the conservation and preservation of these animals.

They conduct a number of programs which cover the essential information regarding the native habitat, diet, etc. and through them they have created a distinct identity as a private zoo.ZWF Miami established a different place as a private zoo among the wildlife and nature enthusiasts. They have rescued more than a dozen of animals, and kept them in their natural habitat. They enable the visitors to interact, pet, and cuddle with an array of endangered animals, including white Bengal tiger, sloth, Eurasian eagle owl, giant anteater, Bengal tiger, etc. ZMF Miami is stretched over 5 acres, where visitors can closely interact with animals that were previously kept in captivity, or abused.

Zoological Wildlife Foundation not only offers visitors a chance to get a closer look at a variety of exotic and endangered animal species, but also allows visitors to click pictures with them without paying any additional amount. They believe in providing an authentic educational experience through their distinct programs that are specially designed for wildlife and nature lovers. This zoo is a prefect place to visit for all those, who are looking for a private zoo where they can cuddle with animals and also feed them. This organization is counted amongst the top tourist attractions in Miami, and it is through their exceptional programs as well as special packages that have made them reach at the top of the success ladder. They have a team of professionals, who are committed to promoting the concept of raising awareness about the rare animals that are present on the earth. Zoological Wildlife Foundation provides a chance to the visitors to interact with animals in their natural habitat under the guidance of their experts.

The wildlife and nature lovers can also pose for a photograph in the company of a clouded leopard or tiger cub. They have distinct package rates that include $ 40 for children from 4 to 17 age and $ 80 per adults. They also offer group packages at an amazing rate of $ 220 exclusive tax per person with no additional charges for children under 4. In order to provide personal experience to their visitors, they take reservations only at calls and emails. They provide a delightful chance to interact with an assortment of animals that include colobus, white lion, cinnamon capuchin, binturong, Asian small clawed otter,  necked raven, Amercian alligator,  kune kune, etc.


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